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EaseNRelieve™ Compression Knee Support Bandage

EaseNRelieve™ Compression Knee Support Bandage

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Key Features:

  • Extra Long Elastic Knee Wrap :The extra-long design of this knee wrap provides additional coverage and support, making it ideal for intense physical activities.
  • Compression Bandage Brace Support :The compression bandage brace support provides targeted compression to the knee, helping to stabilise ligaments and reduce inflammation.
  • Stabilising Ligaments :This knee wrap helps to stabilize ligaments in the knee, reducing the risk of injury during physical activities like squats, basketball, and running.
  • Universal Fit :Designed to fit all ages, this knee wrap is perfect for anyone looking to provide additional support and compression to their knees

Fabric: Nylon polyester latex
Color: Black
Size:   S- (90cm)M- (150cm)L- (180cm)

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